Lunch Program

Lunch Waves, Cafeteria and Lunchtime Procedures:

Block 4
          1st lunch wave 11:17-11:43 (Science, Dance, Golden, 135)
          2nd lunch wave 11:59-12:25 (English, History, 112, 113, 116, Drama, Art) 
          3rd lunch wave 12:46-1:13 (Math, Band, PE, Driver's Ed, 136)

Lunch times may vary on special event days but the times will be announced.
Students may bring their own healthy lunches or enjoy school lunches. School lunches must be eaten in the cafeteria.  Students are expected to take all lunch trays and drink containers to the designated area after eating, and leave no food or trash on the lunch table.
Students who bring their own healthy lunches should dispose of trash in trash receptacles provided in many locations on campus.
Students are allowed access to certain areas of the campus during each lunch wave, but some areas where classes are in session are closed during lunch waves.  Students may not eat or bring food or drinks onto the halls or into rooms in the buildings.

Off Limits areas:

  • Gym stairwells are off limits during all lunch wave times.
  • The school main lobby and the front, outside canopied entrance walkway are off limits areas during all lunch waves.
  • The only hallway students are allowed to enter during lunch is the hall that is currently on lunch at that time.